Best Feed Management Tools | 2023

We know that managing the Feeds of your online store can be a complex task and that doing it in-house can lead to mistakes. That’s why we believe that the best way to do it is to choose a tool that allows you to configure it easily allowing you to focus on selling.

Here we leave you our list of the best tools for Feed Management:

  1. Feedmyfeeds

Startup specialized in the management, generation of feeds and application of dynamic templates on the products images.

Its editor is very complete, allowing among other things to generate templates with conditional elements, make collages with additional images of the products as you wish, delete through AI the background of the images to make more striking designs. With a good design you can easily obtain an increase of up to 30% of ROI in your Catalog Ads campaigns.

With the feed editing tools you can add, delete, duplicate and rename columns, calculate discounts, rename and collapse columns, create product sets by filtering through rules, etc.

They have the capacity to manage and generate images for feeds with more than 4 million references and always update the catalogs in real time, so your offers and products will always be published on the target platforms.


  • Feed management.
  • Product sets generator.
  • Real-time updating.
  • Dynamic templates editor.
  • Business manager users for Agencies.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Includes the template editor in all plans.
  • High product management capacity and updated in real time.
  • As a startup, it quickly develops new functionalities requested by users.
  • Affordable price.


No API integrations (In development)

When exporting you must know which file type is compatible with the target platform (visual selector with the channels in development).


Prices starting from 99€ for 1000 products and includes all features. You can get a 20% discount with the annual plan.

Try it now – Feedmyfeeds

2. Channel Pilot

Specialized in product feed management for ecommerce.

It stands out for its extensive integration with sales channels and its plugins for platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop and Magento.

It also offers the possibility to compare the prices of your catalog with the 75 platforms in order to adapt to market prices.


  • Feeds management.
  • KPIs control.
  • Marketplaces and channels integrations.
  • Price comparison.


  • A lot of integrations.
  • Adjust your prices easily comparing with the competitors.
  • Improve catalogs analysing KPIs.


  • Old interface and a bit confusing to use.


No data

Try it now – ChannelPilot

3. Channable

It’s a tool that integrates, optimizes and analyzes product feeds, ads and marketplaces.

Channable works with thousands of channels and platforms worldwide.

Allows you tu analyze KPIs and compare your pricing with competitors.


  • Feed management.
  • KPIs analysis.
  • Integrations with thousands of marketplaces and channels.


  • Lots of integrations.
  • Improve your google ads.


  • Payment for additional features and depend on the quantity of products.
  • Some options are a bit unintuitive.


From 29€ for the simplest plan of 500 products with limited functionalities.

Try it now – Channable


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